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Marrickville Cottage Hospital

The Marrickville Cottage Hospital was designed by Morgan and Josephson Architects with the foundation stone laid by Governor Hampden in April 1897. Consisting of two buildings, one fronting Lilydale Street and another behind, the hospital opened 10 June, 1899. In 1902 an isolation wing was added to the rear block (possibly resulting from the bubonic outbreak of 1900) and a second building was placed on the front block in 1905. In 1913 the two buildings on the front block were joined by the construction of a square towere over the present day entrance facing Lilydale Street. In 1922 the site became the Marrickville District Hospital, and by 1935 it was treating 7,237 patients a year and contained 91 beds. By the 1970s a series of funding cuts saw a declining usage for the site, and despite years public support the Hospital closed in 1990.

Hospital Photos:

The Sydney Morning Herald, 6/11/1905

John Howard - Dulwich Hill Boy to Prime Minister

John Howard, Prime Minister of Australia (serving 1996-2007) spent his early years living in Wardell Road, Dulwich Hill.
Image Source: Commercial Real Estate

The Howard family operated a petrol station owned and operated by Mr Howard’s father Lyall and his grandfather Walter in the 1930s to 1955. The building still exists on the corner of Wardell Road and Ewart Street at Dulwich Hill. Mr Howard resided in the residence above the adjoining shop at 269 Wardell Rd.

As a teenager, Mr Howard and his older brothers Wal, Stan and Bob would work at the petrol station on weekends. In the book John Winston Howard: The Biography, Mr Howard recounted fond memories of working with his father.

“I thoroughly enjoyed working in that garage. ­I liked selling things, I liked serving petrol,” he remembered.

The property currently operates as a workshop.

Sydney Morning Herald 14/01/1952, page 1

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