Thursday, 2 May 2013

Heritage Lost: Myrtle Grove

This post is not about a house that has been destroyed, demolished or neglected. Like Chevy Chase, this house has been changed so much that it's heritage value has been lost.

However, as a home it very much has historical significance to the Marrickville area.

This post started with an enquiry from someone in Myrtle Street wanting to know how old their home was. They've been told it's Marrickville's oldest structure and that Marrickville's first Mayor lived there. Look for my other post that talks about how I solved this question.

In my search I found a picture of James Meek and his family at their residence Myrtle Grove at 12 High Street, Marrickville.
Image Source: Marrickville Image Library

This house, still exists. The Meek's descendants have a family tree on where they have a lot of information about the family and some pictures of the family.

They remind us that Myrtle Grove stood on a hill with magnificent views over the whole of the Sydney district - from the Blue Mountains to the city - to Botany Bay. When first built, the only other near building in sight was St Peters Church on the Cooks River Road.

Image Source:
22 years later Myrtle Grove still stands, a mere shadow of its former self.

Aluminium windows, closed in verandahs and styling that is unsympathetic to heritage. We will remember this house as the home of James Meek and one of the oldest buildings in Marrickville. Let us all remember that beauty is only skin deep .. and somewhere under this ugly exterior is a glorious villa!

Image Source: The Home Page

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