Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Marrickville Margarine Factory

The Marrickville Margarine Co Ltd was founded in Edinburgh Road, Marrickville by Charles Abel on 20 October 1908.
Image Source: Library of NSW

Abel had owned a bakery in Newtown, and inspired by a butter shortage he set out to manufacture a substitute for pastry and cake fat.

With World War I rationing and the lean times of the depression, the Margarine Company flourished. In 1921 the factory had machinery installed that could extract oil from peanuts. It opened up a side branch of peanut products having purchased the entire crop (123 tonnes from 119 hectares) production from the Burnett region of Queensland in 1922. In 1925 the company adopted the name ETA for its peanut products. ETA products were the first major peanut products in the Southern Hemisphere. Until this time, peanuts were being imported from China and Japan. This step boosted the local production and was responsible for the establishment of the Peanut Industry in Queensland.  Charles Abel was the one to encouraged farmers to plant peanut crops in the famous Kingaroy peanut growing area.



  1. Dad used to drive us here every year to see the Christmas lights on the factory.(Back in the 1950s).

  2. My Dad and Mum used to take us to see the Christmas lights on Marrickville Margarine Company's factory too. It was a great show for us as kids in the 1950's/

  3. I used to eat the margarine all the time, by the spoonful ...yum

  4. My Dad worked at ETA in the fifties or sixties. He was one of the employees to start laying cork tile floors which were done by ETA. This was another probably unknown part of the factory.

  5. my dad says that this place used to really STINK.


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