Saturday, 20 April 2013

Heritage Lost: Holy Trinity Parish Hall

Sometimes an act of God leads to the loss of heritage. But what do we say when the act of God is on one of his own buildings?? Holy Smoke???

Last night the Holy Trinity Church at Dulwich Hill lost it's Parish Hall.

The hall was the original church building and was built in 1886. (Ref NSW Gov Environment & Heritage)

Image Source: Marrickville Image Library
It's had a strong connection to youth. Trinity Grammar School used it for 3 months in the early years of the school's history. Guides & Scouts have a strong association with the hall. The 2nd Dulwich Hill Scout Troop was run from the church and the names of those associated with it were displayed on the Parish Hall walls along with the names of those who helped establish the Girl Guides Group in 1922.  In 1994 the Parish Hall was converted into a full-time Youth Fitness Centre where gym equipment and a box ring were installed. (Ref: Holy Trinity Church).

Image Source: Holy Trinity Church Facebook Page

Sadly only the facade remains, but latest news reports indicate that these may not be stable enough to save.

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