Friday, 22 February 2013

Street Names: Dibble Avenue

Dibble Avenue was named in about 1924 after the owner of the Lucas Estate which bordered Beauchamp Road & Riverside Cresent.

Dibble was a prominent name in the area, with William Dibble being a baker & alderman of the Kingston Ward in Newtown (in 1925 he became Mayor). Another baker Ronald Dibble was the father of James Dibble, the late ABC Newsreader.

Builder G. Dibble bought and redeveloped land around Beauchamp Street. The area had previously been Chinese market gardens and the nearby Lucas Estate included a disused brickpit that had been operated by Toyer Brothers from 1886 to 1898.

After the brickpit was closed surface water and seepage from the nearby Cooks River filled the pit creating a large deep pond. The waterhole still exists and is best viewed from the A C Croft playground in Dibble Avenue.

Image Source: Zoomshare

Dibble Avenue brick pit seen at lower right in a 1943 aerial view.                                        
Image Source: Saving Our Trees

Reference: Cashman, R & Meader, C (1990). Marrickville Rural Outpost to Inner City. Petersham: Hale & Iremonger Pty Ltd. 37-38.

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