Monday, 31 December 2012

New Years Day in Marrickville LGA

Happy New Year! May this be a fantastic one for you and your loved ones.

New Years Day 1949 was an important day for the Marrickville Council.

1 January 1949 saw the amalgamation of St Peters and Petersham councils with Marrickville Council. 

Petersham Council were against the move, arguing, as they had to a proposed voluntary amalgamation in 1933, that a reduction in service provision and a loss of identity for ‘historic’ Petersham would result. Nonetheless, brought about by the Local Government (Areas) Act, 1948, it was part of a larger change in Sydney’s local government that saw the expansion of City of Sydney Council and the reduction of Councils in the County of Cumberland from 67 to 39. 

The move to form larger councils was seen to produce better efficiency for Councils, resulting in appropriate use and allocation of ratepayers’ money.  To mark the amalgamation, and retain the memory of St Peters and Petersham councils, new Mayoral chains were created bearing the emblems of all three councils. Until 1974 Marrickville Council met at the Petersham Town Hall, Crystal Street.
Gilbert Barry was appointed as first mayor for the newly amalgamated council.
The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), Thursday 16 December 1948, page 11

REFERENCE (including photo): Marrickville Council Website

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