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On This Day 100 Years Ago - World War I

Great Britain entered into the European War 100 years ago today. If the Mother Country was at war, then it was unspoken that Australia would join the conflict that has been declared "the war to end all wars", The Great War, and of course World War I.

Over the next year it is hoped that we can show you many of the different ways Marrickville supported the war effort.

Many soldiers made their way to train at the "Warren" artillery camps.  One soldier,  C.S.M. Clarke, made this entry in his diary on the day before he departed the Warren.

Wednesday 17th Nov. 1915
Passed a very wretched day, Caused through the thoughts of losing my Dear Relations & friends.  After, a very trying time, in which I had to say good bye to all who are most Dear to me, I ran into trouble at the "Camp" where the fellows, most of them intoxicated were fighting among themselves. However, barring a few sore heads they were none the worse for it. I have to make this a very Black Day, as I have felt what sorrow is, & I will carry the look of Dear Nina’s face with me all through the War.
3 am. Reveille for the March to the Boat. "H.M.S Persic" Poor old Mum bore up well but felt the strain, also Oss , & Edna. We are all naturally looking forward to see the ship which is to carry us Away, On! On! to what? Glory or death

Another entry, 14 & 15th January, 1916 also mentions the Warren.

To-day I had the great pleasure of meeting a few of the old Warren Boys who arrived early this morning having left Sydney on the 4th Dec 15. They told me a lot of news, also that there had been rioting at The Warren, & several arrests made. I saw Reggie White & had quite a long chat with him. I also heard that uncalled rumours lies had been spread about the City to the effect that The Persic was quarantined with Small Pox etc, & that she had been Sunk.

Some absolutely fabulous photos can be found as part of Gosford Library's digital images collection. You can find the collection here but here are a few of my favourite from the collection. Don't you just love the cheeky one!!

 Some 400 photos of WWI soldiers are held by the Powerhouse Museum.  Unfortunately not a lot is known about the photographs including where they were taken, and which studio the portraits came from.  Here are some examples of the portrait shots. If you have anything to contribute about the studio or photographs, I'm certain the Powerhouse would love to hear from you.

In his discussion of the photograph collection, Geoff Barker draws comparison to the photographs and of those taken at the Warren. With some knowledge about uniforms and army equipment, he has connected the men with battalions that would have been at the Warren.  I am very curious to what his follow up research is. I think surely if this is Marrickville then some of these homes in the background must still be in the area.

Cadden and Andrews Marrickville Fashion House

World War I had been recently declared, and the social chit chat pages were a great distraction for the readers.

The Newsletter was a broadsheet newspaper published in Sydney every Saturday. It carried the sub-title an up to date social, dramatic, sporting, political and general newspaper for the people. (Wikipedia)

On 15 August 1914 the "Social Chat" of the day began with a review of Cadden and Andrews' Drapers of Marrickville.
Image: Courtesy of Marrickville Library
Site of drapers is in top middle of picture.

One of the most attractive fashion houses for ladies is Cadden and Andrews', Marrickville. It equals the best in Sydney for millinery, laces, gloves, flowers and mounts, blouses and gowns. Just now the very latest French model hats have been opened and are proving a great attraction. The millinery department is under the management of Miss Fletcher, late of Kay's in the Strand, and is thus brought right up to date.

Sands Directory 1910-1919 shows Cadden and Andrews' at the corner of Petersham Road and Illawarra Road, Marrickville. Many will have recollections of a haberdashery store being on this site. Today it houses the Cornersmith Cafe.

An advert for the store was published in the Farmer & Settler paper in June 1914. (Prior to WWI the newspaper had been published twice a week, but shortly after the war began they became a daily publication in order to report on the war).


During early 1915 there were many adverts for salespersons to work in their store. Yet in The Freeman's Journal advertised 11 November 1915:

The big dissolution sale of Messrs. Cadden and Andrews, general drapers, Marrickville and Campsie, commences to-day (Thursday), when customers will have an excellent opportunity of securing some fine bargains.

 What happened to this business? Could it have been a victim of war or had the partners fought a battle against each other?  A riddle to solve for another time.  Perhaps I'll ponder it when I'm sipping coffee at the Cornersmith Cafe!

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Heritage 14 launched on 17 June at The Henson, Marrickville

The launch of a Marrickville Heritage Society journal is always a landmark occasion and on Tuesday 17 June about 50 members and friends gathered at The Henson to meet with some of the authors and those who produced it. The Henson was chosen as the venue both as one of the journal advertisers, and, in its refurbished state, as a local venue worth supporting. The Society’s commitment to its members was demonstrated by the fact that it catered for the event and continues to provide each membership of the Society with a complimentary copy of the journal. Other members should receive their copy with the July newsletter. Extra copies are $10 each.

Journal editor Richard Blair reflected on how the aims of this journal are no different from the aims of the Society’s first journal in 1984, Heritage 1, namely ‘to create a much greater community awareness, both within and outside Marrickville, of the rich cultural heritage of this area’. Richard thanked his collaborator Lorraine Beach for her outstanding layout and design; Hillary Goldsmith for her assiduous proofreading over several drafts; Pamela Stewart for facilitating most of the advertising, which together with sponsorship covered the production costs of the journal; and all advertisers and sponsors.

Authors present spoke briefly: Sue Castrique, on the Addison Road army camp; Julie Bishop, who with her husband Noel wrote of their Camperdown house history; Kate Dunbar, who recalled her tough Newtown and Marrickville childhood; and archivist David Roberts, who wrote about Newington College’s 150 years. Lorraine thanked the printers (who attended) and Richard for bringing the journal so seamlessly together.

(Taken from July 2014 Newsletter - Editor Richard Blair)
Julie Bishop
Kate Dunbar
David Roberts

Heritage in Danger - 6 Livingstone Road, Peterhsam

The above photograph Sawtooth Roof by Deborah Kent was highly commended in the Marrickville Council's Urban Photography Competition (part of the Marrickville Medal awards).

But this building is under threat. Council are now looking at whether it should be included on the heritage register, or if it should be knocked down to make way for a parking lot.

At their July 1st Meeting, Marrickville Council tabled item IP0714 Item 9

Council split 6 – 6 last to reject an expert heritage report that the building had significant heritage value.  A rescission motion was lodged and the issue will be revisited by Council on 4 August.

The unique building has heritage significance in its physical heritage, but also cultural heritage. The full records of this can be found on the IP0714 link.

The land was part of one of the earliest land grants in the area. It was granted to Neil Mckellar in 1794 by Governor Grose. McKellar became secretary and aide-de-camp to Governor King after having been a Lieutenant in the NSW Corps.

Horden House are selling the original grant
documents for $12 500 if anyone is interested!

 The land changed hands a few times, including ownership by William Charles Wentworth and butcher James Gould Senior who operated a butchers shop on the corner until 1915 when the Commonwealth Bank building was erected.

James Gould Junior served on Marrickville Council as an Alderman for 18 years and was Marrickville's Mayor in 1897, 1898 and 1905. He was a founder of the Marrickville Cottage Hospital.

James Gould Jnr developed the land as part of his business as a produce merchant. Historical evidence indicates the current storage buidling at 6 Livingstone Road was developed in two stages after 1886.

Around 1925 Beynon & Haywood began operating a furniture removal and storage business on the site.

Do you agree with this building being lost to a carpark? Are there no other options or places this could be done?

Here is your chance to voice your opinion by contacting council or attending the meeting.

Let's hope this does not become another "Heritage Lost" article.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

New Winged Victory

This post has come via Marrickville Council's Facebook account. I am not certain as yet if the mini sculpture is what the replica will look like. Am waiting for council confirmation.

Marrickville, we’re getting a new Winged Victory!

Meridian, Australia's premier fine art foundry, will oversee the design and manufacture of our new Winged Victory sculpture that be installed on the original plinth in front of Marrickville Town Hall in time for the Gallipoli centenary next year.

The original Winged Victory - a much loved Marrickville icon was commissioned by Council and created by Marrickville sculptor Gilbert Doble in 1919 and is the largest known bronze casting memorial in Australia, standing at over four metres tall. She is now set to become the focal point of the new World War I Galleries at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra. They will implement a conservation strategy to ensure Winged Victory’s restoration and ongoing care.

The interpretation will be cast to the same dimensions and will be in a similar form and spirit.

Council is also upgrading Marrickville Town Hall forecourt and plinth in time for the installation of the new Winged Victory.

Will you come to love this Winged Victory as much as the original?

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